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John Smith
Customer Support
Thank you for showing your interest in our our company.
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I want to know about new properties for sale.
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We are launching 1& 2 Bedroom stylish homes from 43 Lakh onwards with close proximity to the National Highway.
Our property is a perfect blend of modern conveniences and enriching lifestyle.
Let me connect you with our property expert to help you with the best quote.
Please share your preferred phone number
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I will also be sharing the brochures, amenities, booking amount and floor plans with you..
So, can I have your email address?
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I would also like to speak with staff on call
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Thank You for the details
We have 24/7 customer support through phone call or chat.
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Please provide the customer support contact details
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+91 123456789
Our property experts will reach out to you shortly.
Have a nice day
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Turn Visitors Into Customers With Less Effort

Oakley is a revolutionary virtual customer representative powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It helps Property Management Companies (PMCs) and property owners increase customer conversion rates and reduce customer service costs. Oakley uses natural language processing and understanding to understand customer’s questions and provide accurate, personalized answers. This AI-powered customer service solution also helps PMCs and property owners save time by automating repetitive tasks like answering frequently asked questions. Oakley can be used for a variety of use cases, from providing 24/7 support to helping customers find the best apartment for their needs. With Oakley, PMCs and property owners can ensure that their customers get the best possible service, no matter the time or location.

24/7 availability

24/7 availability

Users receive assistance anytime they need it along their journey.

Generating leads quickly

Generating leads quickly

After every conversation with a user, a new lead is immediately produced.

Easy setup

Easy setup

No prior experience with tech applications is necessary.

Smooth Interaction

Smooth Interaction

Perfect for any website experience and phone-compatible.

Increase conversion by automating customer care!

Tailored knowledge base

Tailored knowledge base

Give users precise information in the manner that you would like them to see it.

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The new customer
behavioural pattern
is messaging.

Messaging is quickly becoming the preferred way for customers to reach out and get their questions answered. Every day, millions of customers reach out through messaging to connect with businesses. Get a leg up on your competition by tapping into this new trend in customer behaviour with Oakley. With Oakley, you can quickly respond to customer inquiries and stay ahead of the competition.

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